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Onnit Hemp FORCE Protein 390g

Onnit Hemp FORCE Protein 390g

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We combined the protein powerhouse hemp with nutrient packed cocoa, and the hormone modulating superfood Maca, then sweetened with a little Stevia and realized we had found a simple, yet highly effective formula. High in protein, fiber, and packed with minerals and nutrients like Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, Hemp Force is a delicious protein food supplement to be enjoyed by athletes and snackers alike.




Hemp for your health

The protein isolated from hemp contains a unique mixture of two proteins, edestin and albumin, present in a 3-to-1 ratio. Edestin is a globular protein found only in hemp and contains a higher content of essential amino acids compared to soy protein. Human albumin is a water-soluble transport protein in the blood, synthesized in the liver using available dietary protein. Dietary albumin is present in high concentrations in non-vegetarian sources of protein, such as dairy and meat. Inadequate protein intake or vegetarian diet can lead to low levels of blood albumin, resulting in muscle weakness and fatigue. Consuming hemp protein and other foods with high albumin content can help boost the body's ability to synthesize human blood albumin, offering all the health benefits of a complete protein.


Hemp FORCE for performance

Due to the balanced amino acid profile, strong fiber content, and essential omega fatty acids, Hemp protein represents one of the most nutritious and energetically favorable vegetarian proteins available. The bioactive nutrients in Hemp seeds make Hemp FORCE™ suitable for anyone: from the most intense body builders to the healthiest vegetarians. Maca root, cocoa, and stevia provide a rich taste, a burst in energy, and an array of phytochemical nutrients that is unparalleled in other available protein supplements. Hemp FORCE is truly the next generation of protein supplement that will prove beneficial to all individuals interested in healthy protein snacking or true performance nutrition.


  • Contains no THC, psychoactive properties, or any other substance detectable by an employment or athletic screening


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