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Damage Control Fangrene Extreme Impact Mouthguard

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Chemical spills, radiation, zombie creature from the creature from the barrel... There's a lot of ways to take out your opponent; some more malevolent than others.

Includes Built in Reinforcement Pads, Mouthguard Case and a $15,000 Limited Dental Warranty

There is a better way to play. Our Extreme Impact Mouthguards are the most comfortable, best fitting and protective boil and bite mouthguards.

Our Extreme Impact Mouthguards are made out of Damprotech material. Damprotech is a damping material that is 150% more shock absorptive than the material used by most mouthguard companies.

The Extreme Impact Mouthguard is fabricated with a two part process with built in Damping Pads. These reinforcement pads add extra protection to your teeth and jaw.

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