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Everything Must Go Sale

What's going on?
After much consideration, we've decided that in order to best serve our customers, we need to focus 100% on the Hypnotik brand.  It's grown beyond our wildest dreams and is by far, the most commonly purchased product on MMAWarehouse.  In order to keep up with its growth and future product releases, we will no longer be carrying products from other vendors.  All products from other brands "must go" by the end of the year which is why we've discounted them and made them final sales.
Is going away?
Sometime in January of 2019, we will migrate over to a new site for a more unified brand and customer experience.
What happens to my gift card, coupon, or store credit balance?
You are welcome to use it now during the sale, but if you don't it will still be migrated over and usable on the new Hypnotik site, so long as it has not expired. 
What happens to my FightCash rewards points?
Nothing will change with the way points are earned and your points are still intact!
Thank you to all our customers over the past 14 years and we look forward to this next, exciting phase of our business!