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15% Off Sitewide! Use Code "SW15"
15% Off Sitewide! Use Code "SW15"


Team up with the #1 retailer of MMA and BJJ products. Become an affiliate!

Earn commissions by selling products on your site.

Team up with the hottest MMA store in the world and start earning money today! The sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is blowing up right now! It's on TV, in print media, and of course, all over the internet. There are tons of shoppers looking for the latest MMA gear and clothing (our selection is one of the largest) that's IN-STOCK. Not to mention, we are all over the place in terms of advertising and sponsorship, so we will have name recognition with your visitors.

We are a leading e-commerce company in the exploding sport of mixed martial arts (ultimate fighting) and have created a whole new channel for manufacturers of equipment and clothing to reach both fans and practitioners of the sport. Now, consumers have unparalleled access to their desired clothing and training gear from all over the world - all in one place!

Program Highlights

• Commission Rates up to 10%

• 30-day cookie

• Detailed product catalog

• Weekly Affiliate Newsletters

• Professional and consistently updated selection of creative banners and text links

• Deep Linking Availability

• Quick delivery turnarounds

• Niche publishers: Flat 10%

• Coupon sites: Tiered 4-7%

How to Join
Our program is FREE to join and easy to set up. Click here to join the MMAWarehouse Affiliate Program!

Martial Arts Gym & School Owners
Increase your revenue and offer your students discounts on over 1,000 products with the MMAWarehouse MyShop Program.

Benefits of joining the MyShop program
Gym Owners can increase your revenue and offer their students discounts on over 1,000 products with the MMAWarehouse MyShop Program.

When you become a member, you get a custom MMAWarehouse page with your logo. When your students order from there, they automatically receive 5% off their purchase and your school receives a 15% commission on those sales. Joining the program is free.

Offer thousands of up-to-date products across multiple disciplines (BJJ, kickboxing, etc.)

No technical or programming skills necessary, we take care of all the setup.

You earn 15% on every sale - no minimums

Your clients get 5% off any order they place - both a benefit and incentive.

You get a custom URL with your landing page and logo:

Exclusive affiliate-only sales with added discounts for your students.

Payouts issued every month from a trusted 3rd-party.

Award-winning service - we take care of the customer from start to finish.

We make a great partner and are celebrating 10 years of growth in the industry.

Questions? Ready to join? Send an email to or call 630.451.4722.

If you are inquiring by email, please include: name of gym and website, number of members and your location.

Martial Arts Students
If you love and would like to get discounts on the gear you buy, e-mail this page to your school or gym!