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WWE Macho Man Hoodie

Ohhh Yeahhhh! Let me tell you something Mean Gene and allll the MMAWarehouse.com fans out there, oh yeah. We just got in this amazing WWE Macho Man Hoodie and when you put the hood on and zip it up you look like the Macho Man himself — the one and only Randy Savage! Let’s check out this Macho Man hoodie. Click any picture or link below to order now, ‘cuz we’re in space and space is the place!

WWE Macho Man Hoodie

WWE Macho Man Hoodie

WWE Macho Man Hoodie

WWE Macho Man Hoodie

Macho Madness is runnin’ wild with the WWE Macho Man Hoodie! This zip hoodie is unique — just like the Macho Man himself! Zip it up to the neck and you are a huge Macho Man fan showing the world you still love pro wrestling sports entertainment! Zip it up all the way and you become the Macho Man! Oh Yeahhh!

The Macho Man Hoodie is tagless, true to size, and made from a mix of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. The details are killer, even including Macho Man abs and the shredded, muscular arms! Zip it up in full and it has the famous Macho Man do-rag and shades, plus the long, gnarly Macho hair!

You won’t be too hot to handle, too cold to hold in this hoodie — you’ll be just right! Leave it open to cool off a bit, then zip it up to get a bit warmer. Zip it all the way up to keep your dome warm and look like the Macho Man himself! You can expect the unexpected in the kingdom of madness when you put this WWE hoodie on, and you’ll feel like the tower of power, too sweet to be sour! OK, I think we’ve dropped enough Macho Man quotes now. Wait — you can never have enough Macho quotes! This is the hoodie the whole world, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, or anywhere else is waiting for!

Get the WWE Macho Man Hoodie from MMAWarehouse.com today!

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