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Training Mask 3.0 Is Here

Training Mask 3.0

Training Mask 3.0 is here at! Training Mask is one of the best-selling products of all-time for MMA. We’ve told you in the past about who uses Training Mask. Professional athletes. College athletes. Big-name athletes like Marshawn Lynch uses Training Mask, and UFC legend Anderson Silva uses Training Mask too. Athletes from every sport use Training Mask because it’s a revolutionary tool to help athletes improve their cardio and take their fitness to the next level.

Let’s check out this quick Training Mask 3.0 video and then we’ll show you some pictures and look at the features.

Training Mask 3.0 Video

Now let’s take a look at some pictures. Click any of them to start your Training Mask 3.0 order now!

Training Mask 3.0

Training Mask 3.0

Training Mask 3.0

The new edition of Training Mask is a performance breathing trainer with a cutting edge respiratory conditioning device that will take your workouts and fitness to a whole new level. Training Mask 3.0 is powered by the revolutionary NXT FORC3 air flow platform which was precision crafted to apply variable levels of load to the respiratory muscles via dial-able air flow adjustment. Performance breathing with Training Mask 3.0 makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient, which leads to increased stamina, endurance, and recovery. We also love this line about the new product: “Defeat training fatigue and stay stronger longer with the new Training Mask 3.0.”

Another great attribute of the mask is that it is made right here in the USA. Each new Training Mask 3.0 comes with:

  • 1 Reinforced Overmolded Composite Rubber Mask
  • 1 Quad Layer CryoActiv Performance Sleeve
  • 1 Logoed Shroud Plate
  • 1 Fold Out Instruction Manual

The new Training Mask is available in three different sizes, and you can figure out the best size for you by visiting the product page on our site.

Olympians. NFL players. UFC fighters. NCAA Division I athletes. CrossFit pros and triathletes. They all use Training Mask to become the best they can be. Get the new Training Mask 3.0 now from and defeat training fatigue and stay stronger longer! Bonus: this item ships free in the intercontinental United States!

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