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The Scramble X 100 Athletic Gi is a collaboration between Scramble, one of the most well-known BJJ brands, and 100 Athletic, a leading sportswear company from Japan headed by the great Caol Uno. Let’s start by checking out some pictures of this new Gi. Simply click any of them or the link below to begin your order at!

Scramble X 100 Athletic Gi

This new BJJ Gi is a limited edition, which means that once they are all sold they will no longer be available and they will not be producing more. We recommend purchasing yours sooner rather than later to make sure you get one before they are sold out.

The material for the Scramble x 100 Athletic Gi is 100% cotton, and the Gi jacket is made from 450 gsm. It features a pearl weave underlaying and lightweight ripstop pants, and has it available in sizes from A0 through A4 with some L sizes.

But it’s not just a high-quality gi. You can see how amazing the design is, sleek and slick with the black and white color combo, It’s also available with the colors flipped, meaning you can get it in white with black accents. Both look super sharp, guaranteed to feel comfortable while you look like a beast on the mats.

The 100 Athletic x Scramble Gi features a hybrid cut between the Japanese style and the traditional BJJ style, and it has a number of patches and details celebrating the collaboration. MMA and grappling legend Caol Uno designs the 100 Athletic gis in a monotone fashion, and this one is no different. It’s a clean but powerful look.

If you’re ready to roll in style and comfort with a new gi from two killer brands, get yourself the new Scramble x 100 Athletic Gi from now! Don’t miss out on this limited edition collaboration!

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