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Scramble Red White Blue Gear

Scramble Red White Blue

Scramble is back with another new range of gear, the Scramble Red White Blue line. Initial offerings from the line now available at MMAWarehouse.com include spats, rashguard, and MMA shorts. Let’s take a look! Just click on any picture or link below to begin your order!

Scramble Red White Blue Rashguard

Scramble Red White Blue Rashguard

The new Scramble Red White Blue Rashguard features those three famous colors on one high-quality short sleeve rashguard. Scramble also describes what RWB stands for:

R stands for roses, because I like the scent of freshly blossomed roses on a fresh spring day.

W stands for whisky. Because I have to drink lots of whisky in order to function properly.

B stands for bongos, because it’s a funny word and it just made me laugh thinking about how funny it sounds.

No matter how you define RWB, it’s clear that Scramble continues to make good-looking MMA and BJJ gear that is durable and long-lasting.

Scramble Red White Blue MMA Shorts

Scramble Red White Blue Shorts

The Scramble Red White Blue MMA Shorts feature some new technology with Scramble’s ABIFIT construction. The closure system locks tightly, securing a waistband that is part elastic to allow for freedom of movement. We love the small Scramble logo on the waistband, as well as the branding on the right leg. These are a great pair of functional MMA shorts that look killer to boot.

Scramble Red White Blue Spats

Scramble Red White Blue Spats

The Scramble Red White Blue Spats will help keep your muscles warm and loose, perfect for rolling no-gi, or even under the gi in traditional BJJ. They also help keep you safe from mat burns, nicks and cuts, and any germs that you could come in contact with while training. You can also use them for running, working out, or just being patriotic. Like go running and scream “Murica!” to everyone you see.

That’s a look at the new Scramble Red White Blue range of gear. Get yours now from MMAWarehouse.com!

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