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New Venum Plasma, Werewolf, Dragon’s Flight Gear

Venum Plasma Range

We are pleased to show you some of the many new Venum items now available at MMAWarehouse.com. Today we’re taking a look at Venum Plasma, Werewolf, and Dragon Flight gear. Just click any link or picture below to see a gallery of pictures for that item. Let’s go!

Venum Werewolf Rashguard

Venum Werewolf Rashguard

You can hit the link above to see more pictures of the new Venum Werewolf Rashguard, but we bet this one picture is sufficient. How amazing is this new BJJ Rashguard? Hit the mats with the ferocity of a werewolf in this new Venum item. What’s also great is you can match the rashguard up with the Venum Werewolf Spats for the complete killer look!

Venum Plasma Rashguard

Venum Plasma Rashguard

Besides the outstanding design, here are the other features for the Venum Plasma Rashguard:

  • MATERIALS: 87% Polyester – 13% Spandex / Elastic and resistant fabric / Reinforced seams / Mesh panels on the stress zones
  • VENUM COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY: Improves the blood circulation to the muscles and speeds up your recovery time
  • VENUM DRY TECH TECHNOLOGY: Provides optimal control of body heat and evacuates the sweat
  • DESIGN: Sublimation printing for a maximal durability / Fit cut / Rubberband located at the waist

Now let’s take a look at this rashguard’s teammate, the Venum Plasma Fight Shorts!

Venum Plasma Fight Shorts

Venum Plasma Fight Shorts
Look good and feel good on the mats, in the ring, and in the cage with the new Venum Plasma Fight Shorts! The short cut of the Venum Plasma allows you to have increased mobility and freedom of movement, perfect for grappling and throwing those kicks. Other features include:

  • 100% Polyester & ripstop
  • Lateral mesh panels
  • Non-abrasive hook and loop closure system
  • Reinforced seams
  • Sublimated impression into the fiber for a maximised durability
  • Fit and short cut

MMAWarehouse.com has the Venum Plasma Fight Shorts in sizes from small through 2XL so get yours now!

Venum Dragon’s Flight Rashguard

Venum Dragon's Flight Rashguard

Venum says you can fly away towards your goals and never stop improving with the new Dragon’s Flight Rashguard, the true symbol of strength and determination. Even better — pair this rashguard up with the new Venum Dragon’s Flight Spats and have yourself a killer ensemble!

Venum Giant Plasma Shirt

Venum Giant Plasma Shirt

We can’t forget the new Venum Shirts! Here’s just one of the new ones, the Venum Giant Plasma Shirt. The original Venum Giant T-Shirt is back in a brand new design! This sharp, bold look stands out on the shirt and it features 100% high-quality cotton for maximum comfort, and a high-quality silkscreen for exceptional durability.

That’s our look at just some of the new Venum products here at MMAWarehouse.com. Make sure you check out all the new gear! Happy training!

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