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New Tatami Rashguards: SS 17 Collection

Some of us enjoy training BJJ but don’t fit into standard sizes for rashguards. That’s got to change. We see people of all sizes training BJJ on a daily basis, even competing. So that’s why we are pleased to show you seven new Tatami Rashguards, including two that feature a larger fit in the body for those of us with huskier frames. Let’s take a look at all the new Tatami Rashguards, starting with the ones from the SS17 collection and then we’ll check out the husky rashguards after that. Just click any link or picture for more information or to begin your order!

Tatami Grey Particle Rashguard

Tatami Grey Particle Rashguard
The Tatami Fightwear Grey Particle Rashguard are part of the new SS17 collection. The new Tatami Rashguards have a more compressed and athletic fit. The artwork and graphics are sublimated into the material.

Tatami Blue Cirrus Rashguard

Tatami Blue Cirrus Rashguard

The great Bruce Lee told martial artists to be like water. Let the new Tatami Blue Cirrus Rashguard be a reminder of that as you make your way to the mats. This one features a beautiful blend of blues.

Tatami Nexus Rashguard

Tatami Nexus Rashguard
Merriam-Webster defines nexus as a connected group or series. Chaining together submission attempts could then be described as a nexus. Do it well on the mats in this stunning new rashguard!

Tatami Balrog Rashguard</h2>
Tatami Balrog Rashguard
As you can see from the artwork on this rashguard, Balrogs are incredibly fierce creatures. We bet your Jiu-Jitsu game matches the ferocity of Balrogs, and now you can show everyone your intentions to dominate the mats with this new Tatami rashguard!

Tatami Prism Rashguard

Tatami Prism Rashguard
The Tatami Prism Rashguard is available in the blue as seen above and also a slick granite design. It’s also available in sizes up to 4XL!

That’s a look at the five new Tatami Rashguards from their SS17 collection. Hit any of the link or pictures above for more information and pictures and also to order now from MMAWarehouse.com!

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