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New Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gear

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai

The best just keeps getting better. The new Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai gear will blow you away! These premium competition gloves and shinguards aren’t just beautiful on the outside. Hayabusa always brings the latest technology to their gear, and the Pro Muay Thai line is no exception. Let’s check it all out. Just click any link or picture to order from MMAWarehouse.com now!

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Lace Gloves

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves Lace

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves Lace

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves Lace

Available in the red or black, the Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves with laces are sure to be a big seller. Why should you compete with these new Hayabusa gloves? Because the best fighters in the world use them in their fights. These are the official fight glove of Lion Fight Promotions, the premier Muay Thai organization in all of North America, and seen nationally on axsTV Fights.

Available in 8 or 10oz., these gloves are constructed with an authentic Thai design and bold detailing. They are built to protect top Muay Thai athletes and propel them to get the most out of their abilities. The gloves are optimized for speed, flexibility, and performance. The professional lace tie ensures the most accurate fit every time. These premium competition gloves are precisely crafted for that immediate broken in feel. Hayabusa’s exclusive padding is strategically distributed throughout the glove for enhanced protection from strikes.

Choose your color, choose your size and then get to it. You’ll absolutely love the new Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves with lace tie. If lacing up isn’t your thing, don’t worry. We also have the Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves with strap closure for the same price. The world’s best fighters compete in these gloves. Why wouldn’t you?

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Shinguards

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Shinguards
Complete the set with Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Shinguards! The Pro Muay Thai Shinguards are specifically designed with elevated, pre-curved padding for maximum protection when blocking and executing strikes. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit and can withstand the most rigorous training sessions. The fully-integrated hook and loop closure optimizes fit, safety and comfort. The Pro Muay Thai Shinguards are equipped with an elastic strap under the sole of the foot and an anti-slip backing to prevent sweat from running down your leg, ultimately enhancing control and stability during training. These premium shinguards are designed to last. All the features are here and the quality is second to none. You aim to take your game to the highest levels. Why wouldn’t you do the same with your gear? Don’t trust your weapons to any old gear. Go with Hayabusa — the leader in technology for combat sports gear.

Now, let us show you how to look good while in battle!

Hayabusa Lion Warrior Muay Thai Shorts

Hayabusa Lion Warrior Muay Thai Shorts

The Hayabusa Lion Warrior Muay Thai Shorts are available in red and blue, as seen above, or a black and burgundy combo, so you can match them up to have the same colors as your gloves and shinguards.

The Phaya Rachasi means “King of Lions” and is portrayed on the back of the shorts. This symbol represents power and those who wear it will demand great respect. Symbolize your courage, honor, strength and wisdom with these new Hayabusa shorts. Other features include:

  • Traditional Elastic Waistband
  • Provides the perfect fit every time
  • Large leg opening for unrestricted range of motion
  • 100% Polyester
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Authentic muay thai graphics and embroidery

Stay comfortable while you train with the new Hayabusa Lion Warrior Muay Thai Shorts!

There you have it — the brand new Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai line. You want to be the best, so you should wear the best! Get yours now from MMAWarehouse.com!

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