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Legends UFC Socks: Cerrone, Liddell, Conor and More!

UFC Legends Socks

Legends UFC Socks are now available at MMAWarehouse.com and they are a lot of fun. Let’s check out the different socks featuring some of the biggest names in UFC history. Click any link or picture below to order yours now! First up, The Iceman!

Legends UFC Socks: Chuck Liddell The Iceman

UFC Legends Socks Chuck Liddell

He’s been retired for a while, but Chuck Liddell is no less popular now than when he was viciously knocking people out in the UFC. The former light heavyweight champion has his own Legends UFC Socks, and they are absolutely killer! Slick fonts and designs plus the beautiful blue, white, and black color combo make these a must have. Would I wear them with a suit? No doubt.

Legends UFC Socks: Miesha Tate

Legends UFC Socks: Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate is one of the pioneers of women’s MMA, and The former UFC bantamweight champion is looking to reclaim her title. You have to love the pink and white color combo, and the cupcake is a nice touch, referencing Miesha’s nickname. These are a great gift for the male or female MMA fan in your life!

Legends UFC Socks: Ronda Rousey

Legends UFC Socks: Ronda Rousey

Speaking of women’s MMA pioneers, Ronda Rousey is the reason the UFC has a women’s division. It would have happened eventually, but Rousey was the driving force behind it. She was an amazing champion until losing her belt to Holly Holm, but she remains one of the most dominant fighters MMA has ever seen. The design with ‘Rowdy” on it is awesome, and the UFC logo is there too. Get rowdy with these socks!

Legends UFC Socks: Donald Cerrone

Legends UFC Socks: Donald Cerrone

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is arguably the biggest fan favorite in the UFC. Nobody puts on a fight like Cerrone, and he thrills the crowd and viewers each and every time he enters the cage. These socks scream ‘Merica, with Cerrone in his famous cowboy hat and an American flag background. Make your sock game as strong as Cerrone’s in the cage!

Legends UFC Socks: Conor McGregor Irish Flag

Legends UFC Socks Conor McGregor Irish Flag

We have two different pairs of Legends UFC Conor McGregor Socks. First up is the Conor McGregor Irish Flag pair. The flag and Conor are well-repped, and these socks will keep your feet warm after a hard workout, or when you are getting your roadwork in!

Legends UFC Socks: Conor McGregor Knitted Socks

Legends UFC Socks: Conor McGregor Knitted

The second pair of Conor McGregor socks still carry the Irish theme, and they have a cool argyle look to them. The UFC and Legends logo are also on the socks, and McGregor is written vertically down one sock.

MMAWarehouse.com is excited to carry the line of Legends UFC Socks! Get yours today!

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