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Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi

Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi

The Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi is the latest release from one of the hottest brands in BJJ. Available in black or white, the Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi is a luxurious, ultra-comfortable gi built to withstand all the work you can give it on the mats. Hemp material naturally fights microbes while providing a breathable, eco-friendly gi that is 4-times stronger than cotton. Great for rolling in any conditions and so comfortable you could wear them as pajamas.  Let’s check out the specs and then we’ll get to some more pictures. Click any picture to begin your order now!

  • Made of durable 100% Hemp
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style weave and cut
  • 550gsm 100% hemp basket weave gi top
  • 11oz 100% hemp twill pant
  • UVA foam collar
  • Reinforced stitching for strength and durability
  • Extremely soft and comfortable to train in
  • 4x stronger than cotton
  • Environmentally friendly

The Hypnotik ZenRoll is available in sizes from A1 through A5, and L and H sizes are also available. Now let’s check out those specs again with a full look at the gi jacket and pants.

Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi

Now let’s take a look at the Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi in natural white.

Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi Natural White

Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi in Natural White

One of the other great things about the new Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi is that due to the hemp blend the gi actually gets softer and more comfortable with each wash while retaining its strength. Just make sure to machine wash and hang dry your hemp gi two times before use to prevent any shedding of the natural 100% hemp material. Try it on first and see how you like the fit. Use cold water for the washes for minimum shrinkage or use hot for maximum shrinkage.

Some other perks: this new BJJ Hemp Gi will ship free domestically, and at the time of this writing any purchase of $100 or more on Hypnotik products includes a free Hypnotik Ethos shirt, which features the Hypnotik slogan “The Art of Greatness,” as well as the killer Hypnotik logo.

The latest technology in Hemp Gis is here! Get the new Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi now!

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