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Hypnotik Vortex BJJ Gi

Hypnotik Vortex Gi

The Hypnotik Vortex is a high-performance BJJ Gi at an entry level price. It comes in five different colors and includes a free white belt. This is a tremendous bargain and Hypnotik Gis are steadily becoming more and more popular with BJJ players. Let’s check out some pictures of the different colors and take a look at the features. Simply click any picture or link to begin your order with!

Hypnotik Vortex BJJ Gi

Hypnotik Vortex Gi Black

Hypnotik Vortex Gi Blue

Hypnotik Vortex Gi Grey

Hypnotik Vortex Gi Navy

Hypnotik Vortex Gi White

And here’s the Hypnotik White Belt that is included with the Vortex BJJ Gi:
Hypnotik White BeltThere are many more pictures available for you to see by clicking the product link above. Here are the features for the Hypnotik Vortex Gi:

  • Comes with FREE White Belt
  • 425 GSM HI-Tech Weave Jacket
  • 10oz Twill Pants for Long Lasting Use
  • Rubber Collar
  • Features Hypnotik Logo Patches
  • New Improved Cut & Design

This gi features some killer-looking Hypnotik patches, but they do not overwhelm the look of the gi. It’s a clean, minimalist approach that looks sharp. It comes in five different colors: white, blue, navy, grey, and black. The Vortex Gi is available in sizes from A0 through A6, with some L, XL, and S sizes also available.

If you’re looking for a durable BJJ Gi at a price that won’t break the budget, you’ve come to the right place. The Hypnotik Vortex Gi is perfect for you.

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