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Fuji Sauna Suit

Fuji Sauna Suit Travis Stevens

The Fuji Thermtech Sauna Suit is perfect for the BJJ and MMA competitors who are trying to make weight. It’s endorsed by some heavy hitters. Three-time US Olympian and Rio 2016 Silver Medal winner Travis Stevens uses the Fuji Sauna Suit, as does WSOF champion David Branch. Let’s check out some pictures of this new sauna suit, then we’ll hit you with the details and specs right after that. Click the link or any picture when you’re ready to order!
Fuji Sauna Suit David Branch
Fuji Sauna SuitFuji Sauna Suit
Fuji Sauna Suit Fuji Sauna Suit Fuji Sauna Suit
Readers of this blog know that we always say if a product is good enough for the pros to use and put their name on, it’s good enough for everyone. David Branch, the WSOF champion, needs to make weight on right on the number with no one pound allowance. He uses the Fuji Sauna Suit, as does recent silver medal winner Travis Stevens.

Made with FUJI’s ActiveMove Technology, this new FUJI Thermtech Suit is designed for athletes and by athletes. Fuji worked with martial artists and combat sports athletes to design and test this new sauna suit to ensure it stands up to the most strenuous weight cutting workouts while maintaining maximum heat retention. It features a unisex fit so any athlete can add this as part of their weight cutting routine. The Fuji Sauna Suit allows you to go beyond the treadmill and bike to cut weight. It enables you to grapple and spar, letting you get more reps in while you cut weight. Check out the specs.

  • ActiveMove technology allows for full range of motion
  • Durable, multi-layered rip-stop Fabric
  • Reinforced stitching and flexible materials
  • Elasticized cuffs and drawstring pants for secure fit
  • Ideal for combat sports and grappling athletes
  • Unisex fit for any athlete, any sport

Champions and Olympic medalist use and endorse the new Fuji Sauna Suit. Get yours today from MMAWarehouse.com!

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