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MMA Gift Guide for Women

MMA Gift Guide for Women

Women have never been more involved in MMA. Interest in the sport has blown up due in part to the Ronda Rousey effect, and we’re seeing a huge increase in women fans and fighters.

So if you are looking for MMA gifts for the ladies in your life, MMAWarehouse.com has what you need. Here is our MMA Gift Guide for Women. Just click on any link or picture to order now!

Venum Women’s Razor Leggings and Tank Top

The Venum Women’s Razor Leggings and Tank Top are super stylish and they are perfect for MMA, CrossFit, running or working out. Venum is one of the most popular and trusted brands in MMA, and these are sure to be a hit as a gift.

Venum Razor Leggings

The Venum Razor Leggings are made with a soft and stretchy fabric that will help keep muscles warm and loose. They are made with 4-way stretch construction, and built to last.

Venum Women's Razor Tank Top

The Venum Razor Tank Top is available in three unique colorways and features a fitted cut for a feminine and athletic silhouette. The fabric is soft and feels like a second skin, so there are no irritations while you get your workout done.

Reebok UFC Womens Ronda Rousey Walkout Hoodie

Reebok UFC Women's Ronda Rousey Walkout HoodieRonda Rousey is the face of women’s MMA, and she’s become a household name from her work in TV and movies. She is the most dominant champion in the UFC, and fans can’t get enough of her. The Reebok UFC Womens Ronda Rousey Walkout Hoodie makes a great gift, as it the official walkout hoodie for Ronda, the one she wears when she enters the arena to fight.

Venum Women’s Contender Boxing Gloves

Venum Women's Contender Boxing Gloves

More and more women are not only getting into the sport of MMA, but they are also choosing cardio kickboxing as their main method of exercise. It’s always best to have your own gloves for this, lest you use the community gloves at the gym that everybody else uses. The pink Venum Contender Boxing Gloves are a very popular choice. Many fitness gyms are bringing in heavy bags due to the demand. So even if the person you’re buying for goes to a non-MMA or boxing gym, they can likely still use them at their gym. If you’re unsure of what type of gift to get, a pair of boxing gloves is a great idea!

Fuji All Around Pink BJJ Gi

Fuji All-Around Pink BJJ Gi

Next up in our MMA Gift Guide for Women, is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi endorsed by Ronda Rousey. The Fuji All Around Women’s Pink BJJ Gi was produced with the assistance UFC women’s bantamweight champion and Judo Olympian Ronda Rousey. This is a cost-effective gi, and perfect for both beginners and the advanced. If you’re looking to get someone into BJJ, a new pink Gi is a great gift. And if they are already taking classes, an extra gi is always welcome!

Tatami Ladies Zen Gorilla Rashguard

Tatami Ladies Zen Gorilla Rashguard

Rashguards are great for wearing under the gi, or by themselves. They help wick away sweat, keep you safe from nicks and cuts, and keep muscles warm so they stay loose. And you can never have enough rashguards! So the Tatami Ladies Zen Gorilla Rashguard is a great gift idea!

We hope you found a great present in our MMA Gift Guide for Women! Make sure you check out all of the great products available at MMAWarehouse.com!

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