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Hypnotik Jelly Bean Rashguard

Hypnotik Jellybean Rashguard

Make your submission wins that much sweeter with the new Hypnotik Jelly Bean Rashguard!

It’s the latest in BJJ Style from Hypnotik, makers of the amazing Notorious Rashguard, Tuxedo Rashguard and the delicious-looking Burger Rashguard.

Let’s check out some pictures and the specs of the Jelly Bean Rashguard. Click the pics or link to order yours from now!

Hypnotik Jelly Bean Rashguard

Hypnotik Jelly Bean Rashguard


Here are the specs for the Jelly Bean Rashguard:

  • 220gsm
  • 88%polyester / 12%spandex
  • Manufactured with a very resilient fabric
  • Wicks away sweat to help you stay dry
  • Antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Advanced features and custom fit
  • Flatlock stitching for stronger, flexible and more comfortable seams
  • Designed to guard against cuts, scrapes, rashes and keep your body dry and muscles warm
  • Features Hypnotik logos
  • Please do not eat it after training when you are super-hungry

The Hypnotik Jelly Bean Rashguard gives a whole new meaning to the words “Sugar High.” In fact, that would be a killer nickname for an MMA fighter. I call dibs!

Anyway, hit the mats in the new Hypnotik Jelly Bean Rashguard from!

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