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15% Off ORDers $60+ CODE "JAN15"

Ranger Up Nazarene Shirt

Ranger Up Nazarene Shirt

Cut and run. Run and hide. Backing down. These things don’t exist to the true American. So when a certain terror group started marking homes and businesses owned by Christians with a red, painted symbol, people adopted it as a badge of courage, and used it to send a message to the terrorists: “I’m not hiding.”

You’ve seen it on Twitter and Facebook profile pics. Now, thanks to Ranger Up, you can wear your defiance on your chest. Check out the new Ranger Up Nazarene shirt, available now at! Click the link or buy button to order your shirt now!

Ranger Up Nazarene Shirt

Ranger Up Nazarene Shirt

Ranger Up Nazarene ShirtRanger up says what was intended to be a “Mark of Shame” has now become a “Mark of Hope.” Features include:

  • “I’m not hiding. And I won’t be alone.” message on front and back of the shirt
  • Pre-washed/shrunk
  • Screen printed fabric
  • Features Ranger Up graphics

A cool shirt that sends a message to hateful bullies for just $21.99? Sounds like quite a deal to us! Get the Ranger Up Nazarene Shirt now from!

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