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How to Use Training Mask

How to Use Training Mask

The number of athletes and martial artists using Training Mask continues to grow. The question “Who Uses Training Mask?” has already been answered. We know that Ironman triathletes, NFL players, MMA fighters and BJJ players all use Training Mask to improve their cardio and endurance.

But one question we still hear is about how to use Training Mask. If you’re looking for information on how to get started with Training Mask, how to put Training Mask together and how to exercise with Training Mask, we’ve got you covered right here. The video below will even show you how to warmup with Training Mask the very first time you wear it.

The best thing about all this? It’s easy. After all, it’s a mask, and we’ve been putting those on since before we could walk. (Literally and figuratively.) This video shows you how to put Training Mask together and how to get started. Any reservations you have about using Training Mask will be put to rest after you hit play.

How to Use Training Mask

So now you know how to use Training Mask. Now it’s up to you to get going. If you don’t use it? Well, as Al Pacino famously says in GlenGarry Glen Ross, “Hey pal, your excuses are your own!” Get with the countless other professional and amateur MMA fighters, runners and NFL players that use Training Mask. You’ll not only improve your cardio and endurance, you’ll get the edge on your competition, and that may be the greatest benefit of all — even if that competition is just yourself.

Training Mask works. We’ve shown you how to put it together, how to use it and how to start warming up with it. Now you can do it. Become the best athlete you can be with the help of Training Mask.

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