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Tatami Dean Lister Flags Rashguard

Tatami unleashed some slick new rashguards last week, including the famous Dean Lister Flags Rashguard. Wearing a Dean Lister-approved rashguard is like popping on some Air Jordans to play basketball. Simply put,  if Dean Lister wears it, you know it’s awesome.

Tatami Dean Lister Flags Rashguard

Dean Lister Flags Rashguard

Lister, widely considered one of the all-time greats in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wore the Tatami Flags Rashguard at the 2013 ADCC Championships in Beijing, China. Here he is in action with the Flags Rashguard at that tournament against another world-class grappler, Marcos “Buchecha” Almeida.

Now you can wear the Tatami Dean Lister Flags Rashguard, but World-Class grappling skills are not included. You’ll have to acquire those on your own.

The rashguard features fully sublimated artwork — which ensures no cracking of logos or graphics — reinforced seams for an ultra high quality finish, Flags of the World theme, Tatami Fightwear logos and graphics, and Dean Lister on sleeve. The artwork is amazing and Tatami is well-known for their high quality BJJ gis and rashguards.

The Tatami Ladies Drinker Monkey Rashguard and the Tatami Ladies Zen Gorilla Rashguard are also now available at

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