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Gawakoto Art Junkie Rashguard

Gawakoto has done it again. Another collaboration results in another amazing BJJ rashguard. This time, Gawakoto teamed up with Art Junkie Tokyo to create a rashguard featuring Gawakoto’s Kalabaw and AJ Mask. They’re calling it, “…the perfect tribute to the ‘fun’ side of martial arts.” Truth. It’s another must-have rashguard from Gawakoto.

Splendor in the glory of the Gawakoto Art Junkie Rashguard. By that we mean check out these pictures. Click any of them or the link to purchase.

Gawakoto Art Junkie Rashguard

Gawakoto Art Junkie Rashguard

Gawakoto Art Junkie Rashguard

Gawakoto Art Junkie Rashguard

Gawakoto Art Junkie Rashguard

The Gawakoto Art Junkie Rashguard has longsleeves, and is sure to be a favorite among grapplers. Gawakoto has also teamed up with BJJWarehouse to create the Let’s Roll BJJ rashguard, a rashguard so full of win you’re not sure whether to roll in it or frame it and put it on your wall.

When it comes to combining artwork, design and functionality, Gawakoto is near the top of the list. Click here to check out all of the Gawakoto rashguards, shirts and BJJ gis available at MMAWarehouse.com.

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