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Newaza Josh Barnett Warmaster Shirt

Josh Barnett needs your help, guys. He really wants to buy some more Magic the Gathering Cards and some more Black Dahlia Murder CDs. These things cost money. So please buy the Newaza Josh Barnett Warmaster Shirt and support Josh as he heads into his Metamoris 4 match against Dean Lister. You will get a killer shirt. Josh Barnett gets more toys. We all win. All of us. Have a look at it.

Newaza Josh Barnett Warmaster Shirt

Newaza Apparel Josh Barnett War Master Shirt

The design of the Newaza Josh Barnett Warmaster Shirt was illustrated by comic book artist Dan Panosian, known for his work on The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, Spawn and many more. The shirt is fine jersey, 100% cotton, with a screen printed front.

There are many great things about Barnett. One of them is found when you go to the Metamoris page of competitors. Each competitor’s name, age, height and weight is listed. Except for Barnett. Under age, his is listed as, “War is ageless.” So is his new shirt. You will be able to wear it for at least 120 to 150 years, although that’s just a ballpark estimation on my part.

However long it lasts, you will be forever enriched, and likely more powerful when wearing this shirt. WAR WARMASTER!

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