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War Wrap Used by UFC Fighters, Boxers

War Wrap Tape

War Worldwide is the company behind War Wrap, the tape used by UFC fighters and pro boxers to wrap their hands before they put on their gloves. War Wrap is used to protect the hand and knuckles from injury during fights. It’s also used by Jiu Jitsu players to cover the little cuts and scratches they get during rolling, as well as those charred fingertips from too much gi grabbing.

Actually, there are a number of uses for War Wrap. Fighters also wrap it around the bottom of their gloves to prevent them from scratching or cutting their opponents. It’s used as “Buddy Tape,” which is when you tape an injured digit to a healthy one.

Click here to buy your War Wrap from, then check out these pictures of just a few of the great fighters that use War Wrap, like Jon Jones, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Marcos Maidana.

Cowboy Cerrone War Wrap Jon Jones War Wrap Marcos Maidana War Wrap Dustin Poirier War Wrap Danny Garcia War Wrap Roxanne Modafferi War Wrap Diego De La Hoya War Wrap

Wrapping your hands is such an important part of the fight game. Check out this video that shows the proper way to wrap hands with War Wrap. Dennis Verges is a cornerman for “Ill” Will Brooks, the Bellator lightweight champion. He shows how to wrap up your hands just like the pro fighters do.

How to Wrap Your Hands with War Wrap

Remember to wrap those hands the right way — do it with War Wrap from!

Photos from War Worldwide on Twitter: @warworldwide

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