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HyperIce Vyper: The Vibrating Roller

Hyper Ice Vyper

The HyperIce Vyper can fundamentally change the way you warm up and recover from your MMA and BJJ training. It’s a foam roller that vibrates, so you get massage qualities as well as the benefits of rolling, which include lengthening muscles and breaking up soft tissue. The Vyper is now available at MMAWarehouse.com.

Check out this quick video for a look at the HyperIce Vyper in action.

HyperIce Vyper

The VYPER is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device/roller that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body’s overall performance.

The VYPER uses three different speed settings powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which give over two hours of use per charge. It is an excellent tool for myofascial release, which is the breaking up of soft tissue that prevents the muscles from firing correctly. It’s also great to use when warming up, and it reduces muscle soreness and stiffness for a better recovery.

This is a perfect tool for practitioners of both BJJ and MMA. It will help you both before and after classes and sparring, and it can also help you recover better and faster.

Now let’s check out some pictures of the Vyper, then you can read the specs and benefits below them. Click any of the pics if you’re ready to buy!

HyperIce Vyper

HyperIce Vyper

HyperIce Vyper

HyperIce Vyper

Here the specs and features of the HyperIce Vyper:

  • Engineered to deliver high intensity and high frequency vibration into the body
  • All digital circuitry controls 3 speed settings
  • Eco-friendly, German-made outer shell transfers maximum vibration
  • Rechargeable lithium on batteries give over two hours of use per charge
  • Loosens and lengthens muscles, increasing range of motion and flexibility
  • Increases circulation, ideal for warming up the body before physical activity
  • Helps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for better recovery
  • Effective tool for myofascial release

You train hard and diet correctly, so why not warm up and recover like a champ, too? Get your HyperIce Vyper from MMAWarehouse.com!

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