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Who Uses Training Mask?

Who Uses Training Mask?

By now you’ve probably heard of Training Mask. It’s quickly become one of the best-selling fitness and training products, especially among MMA and BJJ practitioners. But who uses Training Mask? Short answer: the world’s best athletes use Training Mask, legitimizing it as a must-have tool to improve your cardio and fitness.

NFL players, Ironman athletes, BJJ champions, MMA fighters — they all use Training Mask to increase their performance and get an edge on their competition. Who uses Training Mask? Athletes like this:

NFL Wide Receiver Steve Smith

Crossfit Athlete Libby DiBiase

Former Heavyweight Boxing Champ Mike Tyson

Ironman World Champion Triathlete Pete Jacobs

NFL Wide Receiver Dez Bryant

WWE Wrestler Eva Marie

UFC Fighter TJ Grant

UAE Strongest Athlete Marti Susanne

WSOF Fighter Nick Newell

UFC Fighter Diego Sanchez

NFL Cornerback Brice McCain

World Class Trainer Jamal Liggin and NFL QB Terrelle Pryor

UFC Fighter Tyron Woodley

UFC Fighter Carlos Condit

That’s a convincing list, and it should answer the question as to who uses Training Mask. These are world class athletes from just about every sport. Check out more pictures by following Training Mask on Twitter.

Click here if you’re ready to become one of the many who uses Training Mask. Get yours today and take your endurance and cardio to a whole new level.

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