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Change Your Game with Stroops Slastix

Stroops Slastix

If you’re looking to change your game and take your training to a new level, you need to check out the Stroops Slastix Training System.

Take a look at this video that details some of the many exercises and drills you can do with Stroops.

Stroops Slastix

Let’s take a look at some of the Stroops products that are perfect for martial artists and boxers. Click any of the links or pictures to order yours now!

Stroops Python Striker Slastix Training System

Stroops Python Striker Slastix Training System

The Stroops Python Striker Slastix Training System features a unique “wear-while-you-play” that transforms the way you train by allowing you to do sport specific drills at game speed with resistance. And you can do it right in the comfort of your own home. More features and specs:

  • Wear while you train to maximize your hand and foot speed
  • Includes four Slastix® bands, belt harness, two ankle cuffs and two wrist straps
  • Slastix® training band technology was developed and patented by Stroops in the mid 1990’s for the safety and comfort of fitness and sport
  • Made in the USA
  • Belt harness available in sizes M (24in – 36in) or L (34in – 48in)
  • Medium or heavy resistance options available

Stroops Takedown Slastix Training System

Stroops Takedown

You can perform many of your plyometric movements with the Takedown. Practice shoots with the Takedown and you will find out what the buzz is all about! The Takedown is a six-foot Slastix that stretches out to 18 feet. This allows you to use resistance to gain the power you need and want, while performing those exercises that you would be doing anyway.

  • Designed to help you advance further and faster with explosive short range training
  • Includes Slastix® band, belt and anchor
  • Made in the USA
  • Medium (75lbs), heavy (100lbs) and very heavy (150lbs) resistance options available

Stroops Cobra Striker Pro

Stroops Cobra

Simple to wear and use, the Stroops Cobra Striker Pro can help you to increase your punching speed and power.

  • Includes one Slastix® band, two fist cuffs and harness
  • Made in the USA
  • Medium or heavy resistance options available

Those are just a few of the great Stroops Slastix products we have available at MMAWarehouse.com! Click the link to the left to see them all!


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