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Hayabusa Sport Line Training Gloves

Hayabusa looks to raise the bar yet again for MMA and boxing gear with the new Hayabusa Sport Line Training Gloves. Available in sizes of 8, 12 and 16-ounces, the gloves are equipped with triple-layered foam padding for optimal shock absorbency and energy dispersion, making sure to keep your hands protected.

The 8 oz. gloves are designed specifically for youth, set to fit hands of kids from ages 8 to 13. All three sizes feature the fully-adjustable, hook & loop elastic strap system, which provides secure wrist support to prevent against common striking injuries and glove movement. The strap system enables the gloves to be taken on or off with ease.

Here’s a look at the Hayabusa Sport Line Training Gloves. Click the links or pictures to buy yours now.

Hayabusa Sport Line Training Gloves – 16 oz.

Hayabusa Sport Line Training Gloves

The Hayabusa Sport 16oz. Training Gloves come in three different colors: white/black, blue/black and the red/black combo seen above. The gloves are ventilated and are developed with an ultra-soft, breathable inner-lining to keep you cool, dry and comfortable at all times.

Hayabusa Sport Line Training Gloves – 12 oz.

Hayabusa Sport 12oz. Training Gloves

The 12oz. gloves come in the purple and black seen in the picture and also an almost neon green and black combo. They are designed to improve striking strength, speed and stamina and made from 100% durable leather.

Hayabusa Sport Line Training Gloves – 8 oz.

Hayabusa Sport 8oz. Training Gloves

Hayabusa sets up the next generation of athletes by engineering the new Youth 8oz. Training Gloves. With advanced safety features, these gloves provide a level of protection that’s unlike anything else in its class. Like the 12oz. and 16oz., the 8oz. youth gloves also feature the triple-layered foam padding, letting kids get the same level of protection as the adults.

Hayabusa gear is always built to last and perform at the highest levels, able to take on whatever training regimen you want. The new Hayabusa Sport Line Training Gloves would be a great addition to your training gear.

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