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Tatami IBJJF Rank Range

Tatami IBJJF Rank Range

The new Tatami IBJJF Rank Range is perfect for competition, drilling, rolling, and whatever else you can give it while you train. The range consists of both a short and long sleeve rashguard, spats, and shorts, each available in five different ranks, and all available for use in IBJJF tournaments. Let’s check out some pictures of the new products, as well as all the specs and features. Just click on any picture or link to begin your order with MMAWarehouse.com!

Tatami IBJJF Short Sleeve Rashguard

Tatami Rank Shortsleeve Rashguard

Each of the Tatami IBJJF Rank Range comes in black with accent colors for each rank in BJJ. Here we see the Tatami IBJJF Short Sleeve Rashguard for blue belts, but truth be told, you can also just wear it if you like that color! Each of the Tatami IBJJF rashguards features a four-panel construction for a more compressed and athletic fit. All the artwork and graphics are sublimated into the material so the designs will never fade or crack. If you’re looking for more coverage, check out the Tatami IBJJF Range Longsleeve Rashguard!

Tatami IBJJF Rank Spats

Tatami IBJJF Rank Spats

Kepp your muscles warm and loose with the Tatami IBJJF Rank Spats! You use a rashguard to keep the top of your body warm and loose, so why wouldn’t you do the same for the rest of your body? Spats also help protect you from nicks, cuts, and mat burns, and they are great for BJJ but also running, working out, CrossFit, and basically any other exercise activity! Like the rashguards, these are available in each rank by color. You see the purple above, and you can also choose from white, blue, brown, and black.

Tatami IBJJF Rank Shorts

Tatami IBJJF Rank Shorts

If you’d rather roll in shorts then the new Tatami IBJJF Rank Shorts are here for you. These are available in sizes from XS through 2XL, feature an excellent closure system, and they are built to perform and last. Tatami has been around a long time and it’s no secret why. They produce quality gear that looks killer, performs at a high level, and is built to last.

Get the new Tatami IBJJF Rank Range right here at MMAWarehouse.com!

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