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Pokemon Go Meets Jiu Jitsu: Newaza Chokemon Shirt

Pokemon Go continues to sweep the nation and its popularity is out of this world! Which means we totally need a BJJ shirt to celebrate it! Enter the brand new Newaza Chokemon Shirt. It’s a must-have for gamers, grapplers, and people who love fun BJJ shirts! Let’s check it out. Click the link or picture to order yours now from!

Newaza Chokemon Shirt

Newaza Chokemon Shirt

Get in the fun with the brand new Newaza Chokemon Shirt. Imagine the good times when someone asks you what Chokemon is! You can say, “Let me show you!” Then you swiftly move in and cinch up a d’arce choke! They pass out and when they come back you ask if they like the game!

OK — please don’t do that. That was totally a joke. But no doubt you could get questions about what the Chokemon shirt means and then you can introduce people to the beautiful art of Jiu Jitsu. With words — not subs. You can even invite them to your school. Jiu Jitsu for everyone

As for the shirt itself, besides the clever play on Pokemon Go, it features:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Screen printed front and sleeves
  • Features Newaza Apparel logos
  • Fine Jersey

This shirt features the credo of the Jiu Jitsu player — “Gotta Tap ‘Em All!” It’s available in sizes from small through 2X, and it’s just a fun shirt. Everyone should have a few fun and goofy BJJ shirts in their wardrobe. Some of us have nothing but those in our wardrobe!

So do not delay! Get the new Pokemon Go shirt — the Newaza Chokemon Shirt — right here at!

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