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Hayabusa BJJ Shirts: Chokey the Bear and more!

Hayabusa BJJ Shirts

Today we’re taking a look at the new set of Hayabusa BJJ Shirts. These new shirts are full of color and cleverness, and they’d make a great addition to your BJJ Style! Let’s check them out. Simply click any link or picture below to begin your order at!

Hayabusa Chokey the Bear Shirt

Hayabusa Chokey the Bear Shirt

When Chokey the Bear tells you to stop, drop, and roll, it’s game on whether you like it or not. Chokey’s opponent is in bad shape on the front of the shirt. Chokey has knee on belly and has secured his arm. We assume Chokey’s Jitz game is the stuff of nightmares. If — when — he gets that armbar, that arm is coming with him. Probably a nice midday snack.

Hayabusa Roll Master Shirt

Hayabusa Roll Master Shirt
The catch of the day? It’s the Jits Roll and it’s made fresh daily with every practice, every drill, and every new technique learned. The sushi chef on the front is not to be messed with — check out those grips! The green and yellow graphic pops off this gray shirt. Add to your BJJ Style with this new shirt!

Hayabusa Rolling Pin Shirt

Hayabusa Rolling Pin Shirt

Keeping with the chef theme, the Hayabusa Rolling Pin shirt shows a chef putting it to his opponent. I’ll bet that rolling pin can be used for a devastating modified Ezekiel choke! Hayabusa says this new shirt is, “A fresh mix of heart, tradition, and skill. Test every aspect of your craft for the ultimate battle to become number one. Learn and live the art of the roll.” Learn it, live it, and love it!

Hayabusa OSS Shirt

Hayabusa OSS Shirt

OSS is a BJJ term that is used in many different ways. It is used as a congratulatory word, or even as a way of saying thanks. At its core it means to always persevere under pressure and continue to work toward your goal. That’s why when someone accomplishes something in BJJ, like a belt promotion or new stripe, they will be met with many an Oss! Celebrate BJJ culture with the new Hayabusa OSS Shirt!

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