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Best BJJ Gi Belts

Best BJJ Gi Belts

Are all BJJ Gi Belts created equal? If you’ve trained for a while and worn different gis, you know the answer to that is no. Some get flimsy after a few uses, some can’t keep their original color, and some shrink too much. Don’t worry though. MMAWarehouse.com has you covered. Today we take a look at the Best BJJ Gi Belts! Simply click on any link or picture below to begin your order!

Hypnotik BJJ Gi Belt

Hypnotik BJJ Gi Belts

Hypnotik has become a big name in BJJ and MMA gear over the past two years. They make high-quality BJJ Gis, MMA Gear, and clever BJJ rashguards. They also make killer BJJ gi belts. The belts are 4cm wide and 0.5 cm thick, and they are available in sizes from A1 through A5. You can also get any rank color: white, blue, purple, brown, or black. The Hypnotik BJJ Gi Belt has received excellent reviews with an overwhelming majority giving it a perfect 5/5 stars.

Tatami BJJ Gi Belt

Tatami BJJ Gi Belt

Tatami is one of the most well-trusted brands in BJJ. They’ve been making BJJ Gis, shirts, rashguards, spats, and more for what seems like forever. No brand lasts that long without providing excellent products, and MMAWarehouse.com is proud to carry Tatami products. The Tatami Gi Belts are 4cm wide and 0.5 cm thick, and they are available in every rank color. Currently, MMAWarehouse.com has these in sizes from A1 through A4. You can rest assured when you buy a Tatami product. You know you are getting a durable, high-quality item.

Hayabusa BJJ Gi Belt

Hayabusa BJJ Gi Belt

Hayabusa sets the standard for new technology in BJJ and MMA gear, and this includes the Hayabusa BJJ Gi Belt. The belts are made with high-quality fabric, so they are durable and built to last! Each belt is designed with an eye-catching patch featuring the famed Hayabusa peregrine falcon. The patch also includes two traditional kanjis, representing courage and honor. The Hayabusa belts are available in all the standard colors, but they also come in A0, as well as A1-A5.

Scramble BJJ Gi Belt

Scramble BJJ Gi Belt
The Scramble BJJ Gi Belt features incredible embroidery and construction, and you can see the intricate stitching in the photo above. Features include:

  • Pre-washed
  • super soft
  • flexible
  • easy to tie
  • Stays secure during training
  • Improved attention to detail and quality

Customer reviews on the Scramble BJJ Gi Belt are all a perfect 5/5 stars, and many of the reviewers praise it for it being lightweight, firm, and an excellent fit.

Fuji BJJ Gi Belt

Fuji BJJ Gi Belt

The Fuji BJJ Gi Belt is intended to last for years and built with quality construction from 100% cotton. The Fuji belts come in sizes from A0 through A6, something a bit different from other brands. Fuji is one of the oldest and best-selling brands at MMAWarehouse.com, and our customers have reviewed it almost 200 times, with most giving it 5/5 stars.

Thats our look at the Best BJJ Gi Belts here at MMAWarehouse.com! Pick your favorite brand and place your order now! You can also check out all the size lengths by visiting the product pages. Oss!

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