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Gameness Gis Have BJJ Cred

Gameness at MMAWarehouse.com

Gameness Gis have enormous cred in the BJJ community, and they’ve been a staple at MMAWarehouse.com for a long time. Gameness Gis are “born on the mat and the gym”. Their Jiu Jitsu Gis are often tested for years before they hit the marketplace. Let’s check out some of the Gameness Gis currently available. Click the links or pictures for more information.

Gameness Pearl 2015 Gi

Gameness Pearl Gi 2015

The Gameness Pearl Gi 2015 defines the new look of Gameness: simple and clean. It’s made with premium cotton, and you can feel the difference from the moment you put it on. Here are the features:

  • Available sizes are A0, A1, A2, A2 Stocky, A3, A3Long, A4, A5, A6.
  • 550 gram Pearl weave jacket
  • Rubber collar for faster drying
  • Seamless back for comfortable rolling
  • An embroidered Gameness logo on the chest and “G” patches on the shoulders
  • 12 oz. cotton/poly blend twill pants for comfort and durability
  • An embroidered “G” on the upper thigh of the pants

Gameness Elite 2015 Gi

Gameness Elite 2015 Gi

Gameness calls this their “most beautiful” gi, and it’s hard to argue with that. The red patches, black Gameness logo and the print on the inside of the jacket make this a special gi. Click the link to see all the pictures. Here are the specs:

  • A 550 gram Pearl Weave Jacket
  • A built-in rash guard liner with Camo design
  • The highest-quality embroidered graphics
  • Contrast accents
  • A rope draw cord
  • A rubber collar for quicker drying
  • The pants are constructed with military grade rip-stop fabric

Gameness Feather Gi

Gameness Feather Gi

Light but strong, the Gameness Feather Gi allows you to move with ease, and it helps you with making weight, too. If you’re looking for a lightweight gi, you’ve found it. The details:

  • 475 Gram ultra-quality preshrunk cotton for a lighter, softer Gi
  • Pearl Weave
  • Rubber collar with ripstop material
  • Ripstop pants
  • Seamless back
  • Shoulder and lapel patches

Those are just three of the Gameness products we have available at MMAWarehouse.com. Make sure to check them all out!

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