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Fuji Sekai Gi Review

Fuji Sekai Gi Review

Check out this video of the Fuji Sekai Gi Review. The Fuji Sekai comes in three different colors, and is available at More details and pictures below the video!

Fuji Sekai Gi Review

Now here is a gallery of Fuji Sekai pictures, just in case the video didn’t give you all the looks you wanted. Click any picture to enlarge it.

Fuji Sekai Gi Photo Gallery

And here are the specs for the Fuji Sekai Gi:

  • Lightweight fabric ideal for BJJ weigh-ins and competition
  • Triple reinforced rip stop pants
  • Stiff collar with extra rows of stitching
  • Inside print features popular destination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Bungee cord drawstring
  • Contrast stitching

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