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Newaza Shirts for Summer

BJJ Style isn’t just about rashguards and gis. It’s also about what you wear off the mats, and it’s a big part of BJJ culture and repping the sport you love. That’s why we always like to tell you about cool, new BJJ clothing. Let’s check out the latest Newaza shirts, perfect for the summer and everything it brings!

Newaza Shirts: Cat Naps

So many puns, so little time. It’s said this is the purrrr-fect BJJ shirt to wear this summer. What’s weird though is when cats try to hit you, it’s looks as if they are tapping out. So how do you know if they are really tapping out? Anyway, this shirt is killer. I’ll get back to you all re: cats tapping/hitting.

Newaza Apparel Cauliflower Ear Statue Shirt

Newaza Apparel Cauliflower Ear Statue Shirt

This Newaza shirt features a Greek statue of a fighter with a cauliflower ear, and it dates all the way back to 330 B.C. Question: how did he get his hair all curly and wavy without product back then? His hair is perfect.

Newaza Apparel Choke Shirt

Newaza Apparel Choke Shirt

Simple and to the point: Choke. It’s part of the very essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and it makes you smile. When you do it to someone else. If it happens to you, your face doesn’t really have an expression. Just lots of foam mixed with saliva and mucus. Kinda like this:

Josh Koscheck Foamy Mouth

Newaza Apparel 79 Shirt

Newaza Apparel 79 Shirt

No gi, no problem. The Newaza 79 Shirt features that and other BJJ phrases on it, and it looks slick, too. People will be mesmerized looking at your shirt, which means they won’t be talking during that period. There’s no extra charge for that, either.

Make sure you check all of the Newaza shirts, rashguards and hats at MMAWarehouse.com!

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