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Newaza Rashguards Available at MMAWarehouse

BJJ rashguards just got cooler. Newaza rashguards are now available at We could write a lot of words about how cool they are, but the pictures say it best.

Newaza Geoprism Rashguard

Newaza Rashguard - Geoprism Newaza Geoprism Rashguard

Newaza Neon Rashguard

Newaza Neon Rashguard Newaza Neon Rashguard

Newaza Rashguard – Intergalactic

Newaza Intergalactic Rashguard Newaza Intergalactic Rashguard

All of the Newaza Rashguards are sublimated full color, which means no nasty cracks. They are 83% polyester and 16% spandex. The other 1% must just be awesomeness. They are all made in the USA. ‘Murica. No one is taking their jerbs. These are BJJ style at its finest.

If the name Newaza sounds familiar to you, you may recall a certain submission by Fartoplata at a recent NAGA tournament in Las Vegas. And this whole time I’ve been trying to hold mine in on the mat, or at least wait until a break in the action to gently release the dragon. Here’s the video.

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