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Manto is Back at MMAWarehouse.com

MMAWarehouse.com is pleased to welcome back Manto and their products to our store.

We’re currently stocked with Manto gis, rashguards and shirts, including this awesome BJJ shirt:
Manto BJJ Shirt: "Hespect the Art"

Another cool product is the Manto Altia Rashguard:
Manto Altia Rashguard

You might feel like a super hero in the new Manto Altia Rashguard. Printed with Manto’s exclusive sublimation technique for sharp and lasting colors and lines, you can train hard all the time without worrying about the print ever coming off! Sublimation printing ensures that the rashguard design will not crack or peel. The Altia is made with top quality spandex and original flat hidden stitch, making it a high-quality training and competition compression shirt and BJJ rashguard.

Click here to check out all the Manto products we have in-stock at MMAWarehouse.com.

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