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Newaza Bearded Grappler Shirt is More Than Amazing

The Newaza Bearded Grappler shirt is more than amazing. Quick, let’s take a look before I write a bunch of words.

Newaza Bearded Grappler

Newaza Bearded Grappler

If you don’t think this is the most awesome thing in the history of the planets…then I would point you to our other MMA shirts. But also respectfully question your sanity and taste in shirts.

Here’s how Newaza describes the shirt: “That’s not a werewolf passing your guard, but he sure could pass for one.” They go on to say that beards are proven to add quality amounts of muscle and endurance, and improve mat technique.

As Champ Kind would say, “That is a scientific fact!” Otherwise, why would hockey players grow playoff beards? They need extra energy and power for the long playoff season. Hockey players are second only to grapplers in terms of scientific acumen. So now you have grapplers and hockey players believing in the scientific power of the beard. Even baseball players are growing crazy, long beards. Then they hit more homers. Fact. Are you starting to figure it out? Beards = Moar Power.

I read where fighters that have to quit TRT are simply replacing all that good juice by growing a tremendous beard. They probably won’t even notice a difference — until they land a belly-to-back suplex and throw their opponent right through the canvas. The beard is powerful, friend.

But even if you are not a wrestler or BJJ player, everyone loves clever and fun t-shirts. That’s what we have here with the Newaza Bearded Grappler shirt.

Don’t forget to check out the super-cool Newaza Rashguards while you’re here. They’ll blow your mind and you’ll also get to see the world-famous “Fartoplata” video.

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