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Datsusara Bags Are Back

Datsusara bags have always been a best seller at, and a favorite of mixed martial artists and BJJ practitioners.

What sets Datsusara bags apart is that they are made from hemp canvas. Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable fibers, making it ideal for often-used gym bags stuffed with MMA and BJJ gear. Hemp is naturally anti-microbial, which helps it ward off germs. It’s more breathable than other fibers and it’s also the most environmentally friendly. This is why you’ll hear hemp described as a “Super Fiber.”

Datsusara bags are also popular because they are extremely spacious, feature multiple pockets, PALS webbing strips and self-healing zippers.

Here’s a photo gallery of the Datsusara Gear Bag Pro, which was their original, flagship hemp gear bag. Click any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Datsusara Bags

Datsusara Bags Datsusara Bags Datsusara Gear Bag Pro Datsusara Bags Datsusara Bags Datsusara Bags Datsusara Bags Datsusara Bags Datsusara Bags Datsusara Bags

Here’s Datsusara founder Chris Odell giving a video tour of the latest edition of the Gear Bag Pro.

Datsusara is a Japanese phrase meaning “to leave the salaried/corporate worker’s life.” Odell founded the company in 2007, frustrated that he couldn’t find gear that met his needs. Datsusara states that their singular goal is to make truly functional, high quality gear.

Click here to check out the rest of the Datsusara gear available at

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