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Fuji ROBO Rashguard: For Grappling Machines

Are you a grappling machine? Want a rashguard to match your game? The Fuji ROBO Rashguard is perfect for all the grappling machines out there, both in its look and performance.

The Fuji ROBO is a longsleeve rashguard with fully sublimated graphics on high quality fabric. It’s part-Iron Man, part-Transformers and 100% killer. The ROBO is mostly green, so perhaps there is even a nod to The Incredible Hulk. He could smash, that you already knew. But did you know The Hulk is also an amazing grappler? Khabib Nurmagomedov has nothing on The Hulk.

Let’s take a look at the finer details of the ROBO.

Fuji ROBO Rashguard

Fuji ROBO Rashguard

Fuji ROBO Rashguard

Fuji ROBO Rashguard

Fuji ROBO Rashguard

The Fuji emblem is seen on the chest and the right shoulder, and FUJI is wide and bright across the back. The artwork is tremendous, another prime example of BJJ Style.

There is the possibility that you don’t want everyone to know you are a grappling machine. If that’s the case, check out the Fuji IBJJF rashguards, or the Fuji Moko Tiger.

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