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Introducing Steak Dinner Boom!

Steak Dinner Boom! is where MMA and BJJ meet pop culture. It’s an entire line of witty t-shirts that play off popular TV shows, funny catchphrases and memes. Steak Dinner Boom! shirts show you still know what’s hip and what’s funny, and how it relates to BJJ and MMA.

Steak Dinner Boom! shirts are the perfect gift for the MMA and BJJ fans in your life, or for yourself. Here’s a look at some of the shirts.

Your Mom Pulls Guard Shirt

Because it’s never not funny when you make fun of someone’s mom, especially when it’s a play on BJJ lingo. Your Mom Pulls Guard Shirt features a smiling, winking monkey and comes in turquoise or yellow.

Steak Dinner Boom! Your Mom Pulls Guard Shirt

Game of Throws Shirt

A clever play on the massive popularity of Game of Thrones. The Hound would totally wear this shirt. He was always throwing people around. And cussing. He cussed a lot.

Steak Dinner Boom! Game of Throws Shirt

Mat Men

Another fun t-shirt based of a hit TV show. Tell me, who do you think would be the best grappler on that show? We saw Layne throw hands with Pete Campbell, so I’m going with him. Can’t someone smack that Bob Benson while we’re at it?

Steak Dinner Boom! Mat Men Shirt

House of Guards

One more funny BJJ shirt based on a popular TV show. What’s incredibly cool about this shirt is that the ‘flag’ on the shirt is composed of all the BJJ belt colors.

Steak Dinner Boom! House of Guards

I Train MMA Shirt

Picture words FTW. This shirt will make people smile. You know you want one.

Steak Dinner Boom! I Train MMA Shirt

I Train BJJ

We couldn’t leave out the BJJ players, could we? Here’s the companion to the I Train MMA Shirt. You should get both and wear them on back to back days. Then when someone says, “You wore that shirt yesterday!” you can correct them. And by correct them, I mean you should say, “Wrong! This one’s BJJ!” and then go for a flying armbar.

Steak Dinner Boom! I Train BJJ Shirt

Steak Dinner Boom! has something for everyone, and there are more funny MMA and BJJ shirts coming soon. Do you have an idea for a funny BJJ or MMA shirt? Leave it in the comments!

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