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Hayabusa Flex Factor Shorts

Hayabusa is one of the leading MMA and BJJ brands because they continually make technological advances and take their products to the next level. Case in point: the new Hayabusa Flex Factor Shorts.

The Hayabusa Flex Factor Shorts are versatile enough to be used in MMA, sparring, No-Gi grappling or just working out and training. The Flex Factor come in red (seen below), green or blue. Here’s some pics of the new shorts, followed by the features.

Hayabusa Flex Factor Shorts

Hayabusa Flex Factor Shorts Hayabusa Flex Factor Shorts

Hayabusa says the next level of training shorts has arrived with the Flex Factor, and it’s hard to disagree with them. They recently revamped one of their most popular lines with the Hayabusa Chikara Recast shorts. Shortly after they became available at MMAWarehouse.com, the Chikara Recast quickly made its way to the top sellers list, making it one of the Best MMA Shorts of 2014. The Chikara Recast, along with the Metaru and the Welded, help make Hayabusa one of the top-selling brands of BJJ and MMA shorts.

That’s why Hayabusa is considered the best of the best. They already had several different best-selling styles of MMA shorts, but didn’t stop there. Instead, they push the envelope with the latest technologies and roll them into another new product: The Hayabusa Flex Factor Shorts. Here’s the features of the Flex Factor shorts:

  • Revamped design
  • Zero Hardware or Velcro
  • Accurate customized fit
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Ultimate maneuverability and comfort
  • Innovative stretch fabric
  • X-Shaped stretch gusset for maximum flexibility

New technology is great, and any edge a fighter or martial artist can get is a plus. But if the shorts didn’t look good, it might be a moot point. That’s never been a problem with Hayabusa shorts, as they always put out sharp-looking fight shorts. The Hayabusa Flex Factor shorts are no different, and they look great. They feature a clean but stylish look, with three different colorways to choose from, and the Hayabusa falcon logo prominent on the left leg.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shorts, the Hayabusa Flex Factor deserve your consideration. They look to be yet another big hit for one of the best brands in MMA and BJJ.

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