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Tatami Jiu-Bacca Shirt

Tatami and talented artist Chris Burns have teamed up for another incredible BJJ shirt. The Tatami Jiu-Bacca Shirt is the latest win for Burns and Tatami, sure to be a huge hit with BJJ players, Star Wars fans and anyone that likes to be cool.

It should come as no surprise that Jiu-Bacca is a black belt in BJJ. I’m sure you already knew that though. Here’s the shirt.

Tatami Jiu-Bacca Shirt

Tatami Jiubacca Shirt“>Tatami Jiu-Bacca Shirt

Burns’ amazing artwork makes this what Tatami calls “The ultimate Jiu-Jitsu Sci-Fi parody t-shirt.” Jiu-Bacca in a gi is enough to make anyone want to buy the shirt, but the Tatami Fightwear text in the Star Wars font on the back seals the deal.

I read in the upcoming Star Wars film that Jiu-Bacca chokes out Stormtroopers left and right with mostly gogoplatas. The massive fur on his legs makes those holds even worse. I really don’t think he bathes. And I just made that up.

But that doesn’t need to happen to make the Tatami Jiu-Bacca Shirt any more cool. Although Jiu-Bacca doing jits in the movie would be sweet, the shirt is still awesome and worthy of being in your BJJ shirt collection.

Tatami has two other BJJ shirts available. The Tatami Cross Belt Shirt and the Tatami Takedown Crew Shirt.

Tatami Cross Belt Shirt

The Tatami Cross Belt Shirt features a slick design with a simple concept: two black belts crossing. The Jiu Jitsu text at the top of the shirt and the “Rule the Mat” slogan make this shirt stand out.

Tatami Cross Belt Shirt

Tatami Takedown Crew Shirt

The Tatami Takedown Crew Shirt asks a very serious question: Are you a stand up guy or a guard puller? If you’re a guard puller, then move along — this shirt is not for you. This shirt is for guys that like to “smash their opponents into the mat.” No guard pullers allowed.

Tatami Takedown Crew Shirt

If you like Star Wars and BJJ, you’ll love the Steak Dinner Boom! Guard Wars shirt. Click here to check out all the Tatami shirts, BJJ Gis and rashguards.

May the OSS be with you.

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