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New Newaza Shirts: Darcezilla, Big Foot Lock and More

Newaza continues to produce some of the coolest, hippest BJJ shirts on the market. The latest batch is full of win, so let’s check them out. Just click any of the links or pictures to buy yours now.

Newaza Shirts: Different Chokes

Newaza Different Chokes Shirt

Hey, “Different Chokes for Different Folks.” Those are words to live by, so Newaza put them on a shirt — just for you. Fine jersey, 100% cotton, crew shirt.

Newaza Cat Naps Shirt

Newaza Cat Naps Shirt

Cats doing jits. You need to know nothing else about this shirt. Cats doing jits.

Newaza Pass And Destroy Shirt

Newaza Pass And Destroy Shirt

Pass and destroy. That’s your goal, or at least it should be. Let them know with this shirt.

Newaza Darcezilla Shirt

Newaza Darcezilla

King Kong ain’t got *&^%# on Godzilla. He smacked that fool then locked in the choke. People cheered. He looked. They ran. King Kong went to sleep. That’s how the legend of Darcezilla began. Relive it all on this amazing shirt.

Big Foot Lock Shirt

Newaza Bigfoot Lock Shirt

Bigfoot could overpower you. Fact. But he never misses a chance to work his sub game. So he took this Paul Bunyan/Duck Dynasty-looking dude down and wrecked him with a foot lock — a Bigfoot Lock. Celebrate Sasquatch, joint locks and the loveliness of nature with this shirt.

Newaza Slow Your Roll Shirt

Newaza Slow Your Roll Shirt

OK, I think this is Squidward getting choked out, something I thought Patrick or Mr. Krabs would have done a long time ago. Maybe there are no good Jits teachers in Bikini Bottom.

We hope you like all the new Newaza shirts. They are in-stock and ready to ship right to your door. Elevate your coolness and buy some now!

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