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Hypnotik Rashguards: The Latest in BJJ Style

Welcome to the latest in BJJ Style, courtesy of Hypnotik, a new brand with some fresh ideas for BJJ apparel. Their first offering is two different longsleeve rashguards. Let’s take a look at both. You can click any of the pictures or links to buy yours now.

Hypnotik Galactic Monkey

Hypnotik Rashguards: Galactic Monkey

Hypnotik Galactic Monkey Rashguard

The Hypnotik Galactic Monkey Rashguard is nothing short of a head-turner. It’s a fully sublimated BJJ rashguard, which means the design will never crack or run. The graphics speak for themselves, and the slick Hypnotik logo runs down the left sleeve. The art plus the blend of purples and yellows make this rashguard so original. Great to look at, but also made from quality materials so it lasts.

Hypnotik Saturn’s Belts Rashguard

Hypnotik Saturn's Belts Rashguard
Hypnotik Saturn's Belts Rashguard

Hypnotik Saturn's Belts Rashguard
Hypnotik Saturn's Belts Rashguard


The Hypnotik Saturn’s Belts Rashguard is another piece of art. Also fully sublimated, this rashguard features a deeply layered design that is as cool as it gets. You’ve always wanted to see Saturn’s ‘rings,’ but now you can actually wear them, while you do what you love to do: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or no-gi grappling.

These Hypnotik rashguards are just the first offerings from the brand, and they have many more coming, including new BJJ Gis. MMAWarehouse.com also carries Hypnotik mats, which are perfect for both your gym or school and to train BJJ at home.

Be on the lookout for more great Hypnotik products coming soon. In the meantime, score these two Hypnotik Rashguards and be the envy of all your competitors and sparring partners!

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