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New Fuji Sumo Rashguard and T-Shirts

Fuji continues to deliver some of the coolest BJJ rashguard styles. Following up on the super-cool Fuji ROBO Rashguard, their latest release is the Fuji Sumo Rashguard.

Fuji calls it a “fresh design inspired by one of Japan’s oldest sports.” That’s true, but it’s also an amazing piece of art, the latest addition to what is quickly becoming the golden age of BJJ rashguards.

The Fuji Sumo Rashguard has longsleeves, and like most modern BJJ rashguards, it is fully sublimated so it will never crack, peel or fade. It also features reinforced stitching to endure your wicked-hard workouts. Take a look at the stunning design.

Fuji Sumo Rashguard

Fuji Sumo Rashguard

Fuji Sumo Rashguard

Fuji Sumo Rashguard

Fuji Sumo Rashguard

The Sumo is made with high-quality fabric and prominently features the iconic Fuji logo. Bonus: the image of the wrestler on the front of the rashguard may distract your opponent when you’re no-gi grappling, leading you to an easy takedown.

Along with the Sumo Rashguard, Fuji has also released two new t-shirts: The Fuji Samurai Shirt and the Fuji Grind Shirt. The new Fuji shirts are 100% cotton and also feature mineral wash, silicon wash and the EST 69 label. They have a distressed Look and the ultra-soft comfortable feel.

Fuji Samurai Shirt

Pay homage to the original warriors. The ancient samurai – the classic symbol of discipline, courage and the warrior spirit.

Fuji Samurai

Fuji Samurai

Fuji Grind Shirt

The Fuji Grind shirt features Kanji for “Budo” and the Fuji logo.

Fuji Grind

Fuji Grind

Click here to check out the rest of the Fuji Gis, rashguards and shirts available at MMAWarehouse.com.

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