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Scramble Sengoku

When it comes to creative, original BJJ gis, Scramble is one of the industry’s leaders. They did it earlier this year with the Scramble Rebel, and now they are back with their latest offering: The Scramble Sengoku Gi.

Scramble calls the Sengoku “a fresh, innovative and premium-standard Gi.” Here are some of the features. Click the pictures or link below to buy yours now!

  • 450gsm Gold Weave
  • 10oz 100% Cotton Ripstop Pants
  • Sublimated Rashguard lining
  • Features an elaborate and detailed design on inside jacket
  • Small Scramble patches for clean but impressive look

Scramble Sengoku Gi

Scramble Sengoku Gi

Sengoku Gi

Scramble Sengoku Gi

Scramble Sengoku Gi

Scramble Sengoku Gi

Scramble Sengoku Gi

Scramble Sengoku Gi

If you’re looking for a quality BJJ gi that also looks super sharp, the Scramble Sengoku is a great choice. Scramble says they are here to save you from the ordinary, and to bring you an alternative to some of the face-smashing, soul-crunching fightwear and apparel that dominates the BJJ and MMA scenes. They have certainly done this with the Sengoku Gi.

Throw in some Scramble Rashguards and Spats and hit the mats with your brand new gi!

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