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Get a Handle on Your Game with Jits Grips

Jits Grips

Whether you’re a beginner in Jiu Jitsu or someone who has been training for years, one thing is certain: you can always improve your grip and your strength. You can get that done with Jits Grips, and you don’t even need a training partner to do it.

Check out this video of Jits Grips in action. Then below the video, you can see some pictures and more information.

Here are some more pictures, and what’s included with your purchase of Jits Grips.

Jits Grips

Jits Grips

Jiu Jitsu Grips

Jiu Jitsu Grips

Jits GripsEach Jits Grips Training System includes:

  • Two Pearl Weave BJJ Gi Sleeves Pieces with Reinforced Cuffs, commercial webbing straps and heavy-duty metal D-Ring
  • One Latex Resistance Band with Metal Spring Hooks Directly Attached
  • Two Universal Bar Straps, 1.5″ x 15″ Commercial Webbing Straps with
  • Two 900-lb Metal Spring Hooks

Everything you need to train and work out is included with your Jits Grips purchase: the sleeves, the straps, the hooks and the bands. Use JitsGrips with the resistance band, hook it up to machines, use them with Kettle Bells or pull-up bars. Use them at work, the gym or at home.

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