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Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Shirts

Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Shirts: Saved By Jiu Jitsu

Summer is here and it’s time for some new t-shirts! Show your love for BJJ with one of the hottest brands in the game — check out these new Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Shirts! Just click any link or picture to place your order with MMAWarehouse.com!

Hypnotik Saved By Jiu Jitsu Shirt

Hypnotik Saved By Jiu Jitsu Shirt

School can be tough and it can be a drag, even if it’s super-important. Thankfully when the bell rings you can go to your true love — Jiu Jitsu! Once you get to the mats and start rolling you feel free. You feel ‘Saved By Jiu Jitsu.’ Tell everyone about it with the new Hypnotik Saved By Jiu Jitsu Shirt. This high-quality print shirt is perfect for the summer time, or just to wear to class before you throw on the gi. You can even wear it over a rashguard for no-gi.

Hypnotik Defender of the Mat Shirt

Hypnotik Defender of the Mat Shirt

The slick design of the Hypnotik Defender of the Mat Shirt will have people looking your way. Then you can tell them that you are indeed the defender of the mat! Get ready to form your super squad. Activate ankle locks. Kimuras connected. Postures up. Butterfly sweeps are a go! Hypnotik Defenders of the Mat Shirt represents the collective team of grapplers at every school who come together to defend their mats. There won’t be a more cool shirt available for BJJ players this summer!

Those are the new Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Shirts. But make sure to check out the Hypnotik Gis, MMA gear and more, especially the killer rashguards! It’s all available right here at MMAWarehouse.com!

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