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Fusion Fight Gear: Superhero Rashguards and Spats

Fusion Fight Gear Superhero Rashguards: Batman Rashguard

Here at MMAWarehouse.com, we often say that it truly is the golden era of BJJ Rashguards. You have comic book rashguards, pop culture rashguards, and of course, superhero rashguards. Fusion Fight Gear has rashguards and spats that cover all three of those categories, and we have them here at MMAWarehouse.com. Let’s check them out. Just click any picture or link to order now. To the Batcave…

Fusion Fight Gear Batman Silver Age Logo Rashguard

Fusion Fight Gear Batman Rashguard

The first of our new superhero rashguards features Batman, and the yellow logo is from the silver age of the Batman comics. This is an officially licensed rashguard, which means we did not get it at a flea market and you will not get arrested for wearing it. Unless you start double-legging people at the store or something, but then that’s on you — isn’t it? This comfy rashguard features high-quality flatlock stitching and it’s built to last. Batman’s Jits game is strong, so obviously he would wear top notch rashguards — like this one.

Fusion Fight Gear Batman Spats

Fusion Fight Gear Batman Spats

The perfect accompaniment to the Batman Rashguard? It can only be the Fusion Fight Gear Batman Spats. These remind me of that meme where Batman smacks Robin. Who hasn’t wanted to smack Robin at some point? Also, memes are awesome, so it stands to reason that these Batman spats are awesome, too. It’s math. And science. Christian Bale approves these, as does Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. Actually, I don’t know that for a fact, but who wouldn’t approve of Batman spats? You’d have to be a monster. If you want to see more pictures, click the link…or the button on your Batman utility belt.

Fusion Fight Gear Batman The Dark Knight Returns Rashguard

Batman The Dark Knight Returns Rashguard

Die-hard Batman fans will remember the acclaimed “The Dark Knight Returns” comic series, which featured Batman when he was like 50-something years old and all like, “Get off my lawn” and stuff. You might remember the major plot from that mini-series: The Joker was jumping up and down on Batman’s lawn in that series, and Batman threatens to turn on the sprinklers to make The Joker’s makeup run. That may or may not be right. But what’s important here is that Fusion Fight Gear made this slick rashguard so you can rep Batman and that particular series. But these now, I’ll keep sending them letters about making those Wonder Twins rashguards. (Fingers crossed!)

Fusion Fight Gear Army of Darkness Rashguard

Fusion Fight Gear Army of Darkness Rashguard

Fusion Fight Gear Army of Darkness Rashguard

Look at those pictures. Dudes — it’s an ARMY OF DARKNESS RASHGUARD! Do I really have to write anything else? Buy it, wear it — just don’t bring the Necronomicon to class. Some n00b might open it and unleash the army of the dead!

Fusion Fight Gear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rashguard

Fusion Fight Gear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rashguard

Cowabunga! You are literally required by law to mention Cowabunga whenever you write about the Turtles. Anyway, these aren’t your little nephew’s turtles, these are the old-school TMNT that was geared for adults. Look at the art work on this rashguard! You should probably buy one to wear and one to frame. You can hang it next to all the framed WWE Shirts that you love so much!

Fusion Fight Gear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Spats

Fusion Fight Gear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Spats

Yes, we also have the Fusion Fight Gear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Spats. You will be the coolest person in your entire BJJ school if you roll in both the TMNT rashguard and spats. If someone doesn’t think so, have them call us and we will confirm that you are the coolest. These spats will wick moisture away from the body, keep your muscles warm and again, make you the COOLEST person in BJJ.

Superhero Rashguards. Comic Book Rashguards. Cult-classic Rashguards. We have it all. Get your Fusion Fight Gear Rashguards and Spats right here at MMAWarehouse.com!

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