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Tatami Everyday Backpack

Tatami Everyday Backpack

What are the keys to getting and staying fit? Eating right. Getting proper rest. Staying hydrated. And keeping all your stuff together so you don’t go berzerk looking for everything just a few minutes before class. Tatami can help you with the new Tatami Everyday Backpack. Let’s check it out. Simply click the link or any picture to order yours now from MMAWarehouse.com!

Tatami Everyday Backpack

Tatami Everyday Backpack

Tatami Everyday Backpack

Tatami Everyday Backpack

Tatami Everyday Backpack

As you can see from the pictures, this is just a gorgeous backpack. The black and grey color combo is slick, and it’s made from a lightweight canvas. The artwork is on point, and it’s not overly or obnoxiously branded. Visually this backpack is surely a win. But just as important is what you can actually store in it.

The Tatami Everyday Backpack was created to be your go-to bag, whether you are a student, martial artist or both. This backpack is large enough to accommodate one BJJ Gi and a variety of No-Gi products, like rashguards, ankle wraps, etc. But it can also be used for work or school. That’s where the “Everyday” part comes in.

Tatami has long been one of BJJ’s most trusted and popular brands, so you know you are getting quality gear. The price is completely reasonable, too. $46.99 for a durable, brand-name backpack is hard to beat.

So get the Tatami Everyday Backpack from MMAWarehouse.com and keep it all together! Take some of the stress out of training and do it in style!

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